Monday, 4 February 2013

the shark finning letter

Do you remember when I wrote a letter about shark finning to the government? Well I got this letter back and it's been on our fridge, sorry we forgot to update the blog with it.
The letter is quite interesting, you can click on it to make it bigger so you can read it.

I'm still a bit worried about the sharks.

gizmo and gary

About a week ago we got some new pets- two guinea pigs. My one is called Gizmo Joe and Arlo's is called Gary Zac. They are really cute and funny. In the last picture you can see my friend Sophie holding Gary and me holding Gizmo. In the middle is my Dad with Gizmo (I think) and the first photo is me and Gizmo. 
Arlo and I look after them, we clean their hutch out every Sunday, we change their water and food every day, and bring them snacks like carrots and corn cobs. They really love eating corn, but it has to be raw. Dad built a pen for them and they really like it because they can nibble on the grass. They always seem to be hungry.

a cat who goes to the city

Today I did this cartoon of  a cat who goes to the city. My Mum scanned it in, I hope you can read it.
Today's the second to last day of the holidays, I'm starting to get bored. But i've been doing lots of drawing to pass the time.